Baby Lock Melody

One of the prizes over at The Blogger’s Quilt Festival Fall 2013 is a Baby Lock Melody sewing machine.  Wowza!

Why would I like to win this fabulous machine?  Well, while searching for a new machine, I went to the quilt shop with the purpose of purchasing the Baby Lock Quest.  Unfortunately, the demo machine had ‘some issues’, (I think someone that had tried it out had on a single needle foot and tried to zig zag, thus throwing the timing out of whack).

Having driven for 2 hours, and being anxious to go home with a new machine, and I also didn’t want to wait a week for a new Quest to be delivered, I purchased a Pfaff Smarter instead.

I really, really wanted a Baby Lock, and have often thought of trading in my Pfaff for one, especially after demo’ing the Baby Locks at the Sewing Expo in Lakeland this past spring.

So…..that is why I would love to win it!

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  1. Carol says:

    Speaking of sewing machines, I see that you own a New Home. I also have one, which I found at a thrift shop and wondered if you still have a pdf of the manual. If so could you share it once again?

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